RF Modulator Issues

Setting up an RF modulator is fairly straightforward: Each picture also links to a larger picture of the diagram and more details on the wiring involved. A camcorder or video game or satellite receiver should work. Then there are video switchers with a RF modulator. Alternate diagram below adds a VCR. For manually operated boxes, select the button matching the input of the component you want to use. The one powered on.

Can you hook up an n64 to an hdtv?

Next It seems as if every home garage across the country has an old, unused TV set sitting inside. People don’t use them because they think that they can’t use today’s technology — including VCRs, DVDs , MP3 players, camcorders and gaming systems — on the old set. With a radio frequency RF modulator, it’s all possible.

To connect an RF modulator to a television, simply connect a coaxial cable from the RF modulator output to the coaxial input of the television. This is the input into which a cable box normally connects.

The AR was in use as early as , mainly in commercial shipboard radio rooms. The receiver circuit uses one RF amplifier, a regenerative detector and two stages of AF amplification. Tuning is from 15 KC to KC in four bands. The Preselector was used to reduce regenerative signal radiation to the antenna in addition to increasing sensitivity and selectivity.

The National Type “N” dials are scaled with deg. The RAZ-1 could be operated from batteries if necessary. The receiver and preselector panels are beautiful machine-textured aluminum with a matte-chromium finish. The receiver case is copper-plated steel under the gray wrinkle finish and uses “shock-mount” feet that were screwed to the operating table, the pre-selector and power supply were normally screwed directly to the operating table. The Navy contract is dated December 2, – just five days before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Performance of this operational RAZ-1 is incredible with an ability to extract weak signals out of the noise that is impressive. Output is to a set of Western Electric W earphones as recommended in the manual. See our “Vintage Longwave Receivers” webpage for an in depth article about this receiver. Radio Corporation of America – DZ-2 RCA built the earliest versions of this radio direction finding receiver for the Navy for use in search and navigation.

Hooking up Relay and Switch

Return to index RF options: The Atari was originally designed to output an RF modulated signal. That means the audio and video signals were combined into one signal that could be transmitted to a specific channel on a standard TV set usually channel 2 or 3.

How do I hook up my cable tv to the DVD player using a RF Modulator. I need the modulator since I have an old RCA tv that has no RCA connectors. read more.

A splitter and combiner are more or less the same thing but when you are dealing with CATV they have just about every tiny bit of available bandwidth used. First you have to block the modulated frequency from coming in the CATV side. You use a filter for this. You have to order them for the channel usually a range of a few channels you want to block. Then you have the problem of signal level matching. The CATV signal is usually very strong and in order for your modulated signal to be received by the TVs it will need to be around the same strength as the CATV signals at that end of the frequency spectrum.

This is all assuming that you are talking about standard analog CATV – digital is an entirely different beast. I have my DirecTV feed a modulator and that gets combined in the dist.

How to Connect a RF Modulator

Easy to install and ready to go. We did mount it on a tripod to keep it off the ground. Works Posted by Unknown on Jul 17th Had to call twice to find out why it wasn’t downloading. Had to disconnect it and take it in the house, hook it up to the wires in there, download the software then take it back to the travel trailer.

In the bedroom, I’ve got the old tv hooked up to the DVD player hooked up to the sat TV receiver via RF modulator. I just have to turn off the DVD player to watch sat tv; and turn off the sat tv t .

How do I hook up my dvd player and or vcr to an old tv and a zenith dtt converter box? I don’t want to record anything, I just want to be able to watch a dvd or video occasionally. Asked by solotrekker 37 months ago Similar questions: How would I do this? I figured it out. Well, I didn’t really, but I called Best Buy’s hotline and they told me what to do. It’s a hassle to have to change the cables in the back of the TV, but it’s the only way to get it all to work.

If you want to watch and record one program simultaneously, you will only need one converter box. However, if you want to watch one program and record a different channel at the same time, you will need two converter boxes.

Electronic Test Equipment Model Numbers

The Original Genesis does not output sound in Stereo. In this case you should plug the audio cable regardless of color into the White port on your TV, as most TVs will recognize you only have 1 sound cable plugged in mono and still output the sound from both Left and Right speakers, which is better than having it only come out of one side of the TV. You should only use this method if you television does not have RCA available.

You can find both cables in our store! This switch is used in conjunction with the RF OUT port to pick which channel will display the game on. When you use an RF box to connect your game system, the game will display on either Channel 3 or 4.

“I need help hooking up my TV to digital cable, DVD and VCR. I have a RF modulator, but no TV is an older set with one cable hook up – the modulator has room for 4 hookups.

Some Satellite systems have a switch that has an Antenna input if you are able to provide power and install the RF modulator in a weatherproof box you can do so without the need to add 2x Diplexers for each TV. Consult with your system manual. Illustration 6 shows this type of connection. Find the lines that come from the LNB to the satellite receiver. Make sure these connections are like the ones in illustration 3, there is a current going through this line and it could backfeed into the RF Modulator causing it to malfunction or in worst case scenario rendering the RF Modulator useless as it would burn up the internal components.

With a DP Switch Illustration 2: Without a DP Switch Illustration 3: No Adapter connection is needed at the receiver end since it will be added to the RF Signal. See Illustration 4 for the cable needed. Once you have done this you are done when it comes to making all connections the rest is done via the on screen settings in your receiver. Once you have selected the channel in your RF Modulator and tuned into the same channel in your TV you should see all your cameras in that channel as well as Adapter only if you have installed the optional Adapter splitter or selected the Adapter out from your DVR.

How do I get my Retro Console to work on a modern TV?

Power Supplies A constant current source source can supply a fixed current to a load regardless of input voltage or load change. The LM is quite useful as a constant current source, works on a wide input voltage range, from 3V up to 40V. The circuit is rather simple, uses only one transistor and few passive components and performs well in terms of frequency stability, almost zero drifting after about 4 hours of continuous operation. With 12 volt DC it will deliver 1 watt RF power.

The most important parts of the oscillator are the transistor Q1 and the tuned circuit, which comprises the inductor Ll and the variable capacitor CV1. When the battery is first connected, a brief surge of current flows from the collector to the emitter of Q1, causing an oscillating i.

Aug 29,  · Best Answer: the first unit does not use AV cables, it plugs into the game box on one side and has television antenna output, probably channel 3. the second one is even more generic, you will need AV out from the game. if your games didn’t come with the AV cable then you are out of luck until you can get them. again it has output for the television set antenna set to channel 3. it may have not Status: Resolved.

There is an excellent web site by k5bcq on Heathkit repair of many models. References to both of these articles can be found in the Resouces section near the end of this article. We made this pitch before and we will make it again. So for that amount of money you would purchase 5 older vintage HF radios and have 5 times the fun. Heathkits on ebay Of course you should know that Heath is no longer in business and you can no longer buy an unbuilt kit from from the manufacturer.

But you can buy a built Heathkit off of eBay. If you look at ebayatthe right time you will find unbuilt Heathkits — these sell for thousands of dollars. Prices of Heathkits on ebay can vary widely as does the condition of these radios. Why buy Heathkits at ebay rather than a hamfest We prefer to buy radios on eBay rather than at a hamfest. The reason for this is that sellers on ebay have a reputation to protect via eBay feedback left by each buyer that deals with that seller.

Sellers have an incentive to protect their reputation — for future sales and their reputation on eBay. Sellers at hamfests have no such incentive. Sellers on eBay selling Heatkits are sometimes most of the time not hams themselves. So you need to evaluate if these sellers know what they are talking about when they describe the radio.

How to hook up Cable TV to computer monitor

How to connect your TV to your video game console Atari or otherwise was discussed on Page 1 , now we’ll look at how this situation came about. First, a brief overview. Then, if you’re interested, I go into the gory details of some of the history of consumer electronics, connectors, and video signals.

Terms like you laugh and notice how do i hook up my rf modulator with friendships by 1 comments Facts: Paul Manage Add more rested in more and estable moms. Terms like you laugh and notice how do i hook up my rf modulator with friendships by 1 comments Facts: Paul Manage Add more rested in more and estable moms.

I am not a techie as far as TV’s are concerned and found the instructions less than helpful. A lot was assumed, the supplier has taken it for granted that the purchaser has technical knowledge as far as the set up is concerned. This is not just a ‘plug and play’ piece of equipment. I installed the modulator as far as logic was concerned, but without Rob’s guidance I would not have realised that the modulator does not talk to the extra TV, one has to re-setup the extra TV to talk to the modulator.

Obvious to the electronic savvy I’m sure, but not to us mere mortals. Once the extra TV was working there was a background hiss. I tried changing channels from 36 to 30 this made no difference to the background noise. Yes the modulator works. It is possible to view an additional TV in another room, but three stars is being generous. Setup was a pain and the quality is poor. Rather than just write the instructions I suggest the supplier asks some non technical people to see if they understand how their product works.

I once had to create some pictorial assembly instructions for some flat pack trailers to be delivered to the Saudi Arabia. They had to be pictorial instructions as a large percentage of the inhabitants cannot read. After the first draft I asked several people could they understand the instructions.

How do I hook up my dvd player and or vcr to an old tv and a zenith dtt901 converter box?

It’s changed the way we watch TV, but there was some pain. Remote control 2 communicates with the base unit via UHF , but from our back bedroom it worked very poorly. If you’ve got a DishDVR, you may be familiar with these problems. We frequently tried to find that “magic place” to aim the remote so it would work — be it at the corner of the dresser mirror, at the headboard, at the window and so on.

RF modulators convert the signal from an AV component to a format that is compatible with coaxial cables. Use an RF modulator with your DirecTV system if your TV does not feature the necessary AV inputs to connect it to the receiver.

While these are cheap and high temperature tolerant, they are susceptible to voltage spikes caused by the inductive nature of the load ignition coil. Ones with higher voltage ratings will be less likely to be damaged by spikes. Further protection methods are outlined lower down this page and in the comments. RC1 is used to help suppress high voltage spikes that can destroy the power transistors. T2 represents two power transistors connected in parallel and mounted on a heatsink. This next circuit is designed for a higher powered output.

How do I hook-up my tv, directv and dvd using a RF modulator?

Where can I get statistics? DVD did not take off quite as fast as some early predictions, but it has sold faster than videotape, CD, and laserdisc. In fact, before its third birthday in March , DVD had become the most successful consumer electronics entertainment product ever. Here are some predictions: Worldwide sales of DVD players in will be , Total worldwide DVD hardware market expected to reach million units in the year

Mar 23,  · How to wire RF Modulator? Discussion in ‘Hopper System Support Forum’ started by DishTim, Mar 28, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Mar 28, Don’t have an RF Modulator, but the VCR idea got me thinking. Can I hook up my Panny recorder via component, and then use the RF out on the recorder to the other room? Kills 2 birds and don’t need to.

Microwave ovens are probably the most hazardous due to high voltage at high power. There are two areas which have particularly nasty electrical dangers: Major parts of nearly all modern TVs and many computer monitors are directly connected to the AC line – there is no power transformer to provide the essential barrier for safety and to minimize the risk of equipment damage. The flyback generates most of the other voltages used in the unit and provides an isolation barrier so that the signal circuits are not line connected and safer.

Since a bridge rectifier is generally used in the power supply, both directions of the polarized plug result in dangerous conditions and an isolation transformer really should be used – to protect you, your test equipment, and the TV, from serious damage. Some TVs do not have any isolation barrier whatsoever – the entire chassis is live. These are particularly nasty. The high voltage to the CRT, while times greater than the line input, is not nearly as dangerous for several reasons.

First, it is present in a very limited area of the TV or monitor – from the output of the flyback to the CRT anode via the fat HV wire and suction cup connector. If you don’t need to remove the mainboard or replace the flyback or CRT, then leave it alone and it should not bite.

How to set up an NES (RCA and RF)

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