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It’s not that bold a claim to make – at Ultrasound Direct Leeds, we offer some of the best ultrasound scans in England. It’s true – thanks to a combination of our advanced HD equipment and our fully-trained, fully qualified team of healthcare professionals, the ultrasound scans you get from Ultrasound Direct Leeds are some of the finest money can buy. And speaking of money, that’s another thing that makes us stand out. We offer the very best as standard. There’s no extra charge for our HD scans. Pay us a visit and you’ll get results that exceed all of your expectations without breaking the bank. But if you want something a bit more conventional, our 2D and 3D baby scans are also second to none, since you’ll get clear and crisp pictures of your unborn at an even more affordable price. We have NHS provider status, and we’ve been externally audited by the official regulator. Pay us a visit, and our qualified sonographers will deliver the highest quality ultrasound scan at the lowest possible price. We take a “no compromise” approach to your health needs.

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Because you need to know we are the best… We had our scan a few days ago. Unfortunat ely we couldn’t book an appointmen t earlier, so it was quite a late scan to see our baby’s face and to gain a photo. I was 35 weeks pregnant, and my baby was already head down, so our chances were low to succeed. We had no luck at the first appointmen t, but we were kindly offered a second appointmen t on the next day.

However, some major problems can be seen at your dating scan, such as problems with your abdominal wall or with your baby’s skull. You may need a second scan to check the first scan’s findings. The dating scan will also show if you’re expecting twins, triplets or more.

Health News Pregnant woman told baby was alive two weeks after being told she had suffered a miscarriage A pregnant woman who was advised to have a termination after an NHS ultrasound indicated she had suffered a miscarriage only found out her baby was still alive after requesting another scan. But the mother-of-two requested a second scan two weeks later and her child was found to be still alive. She has now told how she is trying to cope with the knowledge that she could have inadvertently terminated the baby.

Now almost four months pregnant, Miss Muff, mother to year-old Corey and year-old Destiny, said: I was shocked and upset. If I had taken the tablet I could have terminated my baby and never known. It was here she was given the abdominal ultrasound scan which appeared to show she had miscarried.

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We aim to meet the highest standards. The scan and blood test where efficient without feeling rushed and all very easy. These appointments can feel uneasy and make you feel anxious but I felt reassured and in professional hands the whole time Helen Campbell I saw Kate throughout my first pregnancy and am now doing so again with my second.

Baby scanning (pregnancy ultrasound) Test and scans Ultrasound has become a routine part of the care of pregnant women enabling obstetricians and pregnant women insight into the development and appearance of the unborn baby.

Here you will find listings of carefully selected private clinics, hospitals and consultant doctors that provide fertility, IVF, maternity care, pregnancy scans and childbirth-related services of high quality. Before using the website please ensure you have read the Disclaimer and agreed to the Terms Of Use. Should I Have One? Are you trying to get pregnant? But what is it and do you need one? Miscarriages are more common than people think, with around a fifth of pregnancies ending this way.

In this article we look at some of the most common causes of miscarriage, with the help of Dr A. But why should you invest in unisex baby clothing when gendered clothing is so readily available? Find out the ideal room temperature and how to dress your baby for sleep in the winter. Considering blood cord banking? More… [For more articles, see our Useful Articles ] Miscarriage: To experience the joy of discovering you are pregnant, only to have your dreams dashed can be absolutely devastating.

Is it safe to fly in pregnancy? Are there places you should be wary of?

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily news updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A woman spent weeks believing she was pregnant with her first child after she claims FOUR of Asda’s pregnancy tests gave her a false positive.

Michaela, 25, who asked for her surname to be kept private, was left devastated when she went for a private scan weeks later with her partner and discovered she was not pregnant at all. Michaela is one of dozens of women who are now claiming the tests have given them false positive results, reports Plymouth Live Reviews on Asda’s website for the pack of two digital pregnancy tests have gained a dismal one and a half star rating, with 30 out of 34 reviews stating that the test gave a “false positive.

She said the incident had baffled doctors and left her feeling “embarrassed”.

Private Ultrasound Babybond ® Pregnancy Scans Our Babybond ® Pregnancy Scans are suitable for all stages of your pregnancy, from the first Early Scan and NT Scan in your 1st trimester, to the Dating Scan, Gender Scans and NIPT Scan in your 2nd trimester, and finally to our detailed 4D Scan, Growth Scan and Presentation Scan in your 3rd trimester.

Although some individuals with anencephaly may be born with a main brain stem , the lack of a functioning cerebrum permanently rules out the possibility of ever gaining awareness of their surroundings. Reflex actions such as breathing and responses to sound or touch may occur. A front view of an anencephalic fetus X-ray of an anencephalic stillborn fetus Causes[ edit ] The cause of anencephaly is disputed by medical professionals and researchers.

Folic acid has been shown to be important in neural tube formation since at least , and as a subtype of neural tube defect, folic acid may play a role in anencephaly. Studies have shown that the addition of folic acid to the diet of women of child-bearing age may significantly reduce, although not eliminate, the incidence of neural tube defects. Therefore, it is recommended that all women of child-bearing age consume 0.

It is known that people taking certain anticonvulsants and people with insulin-dependent diabetes have a higher risk of having a child with a neural tube defect. As a result of new genetic research, some of these are, in fact, highly related in their root cause despite the widely varying set of medical symptoms that are clinically visible in the disorders.

Anencephaly is one such disease, part of an emerging class of diseases called ciliopathies. The underlying cause may be a dysfunctional molecular mechanism in the primary cilia structures of the cell , organelles present in many cellular types throughout the human body. The cilia defects adversely affect “numerous critical developmental signaling pathways” essential to cellular development and, thus, offer a plausible hypothesis for the often multi-symptom nature of a large set of syndromes and diseases.

Anencephaly can often be diagnosed before birth through an ultrasound examination. The maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein AFP screening [13] and detailed fetal ultrasound [14] can be useful for screening for neural tube defects such as spina bifida or anencephaly. Meroanencephaly[ edit ] Meronanencephaly is a rare form of anencephaly characterized by malformed cranial bones, a median cranial defect, and a cranial protrusion called area cerebrovasculosa.

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I came back for a rescan after my little boy would only show half his face last time, They really do their best to get you the best photo’s from your experience, I have never met such friendly people, from being greeted at reception to leaving every single member of staff there were friendly and very welcoming and great with my little brothers!

My little boy’s 4 months old now and I’m always showing him his photos a few are displayed in my home and people always ask where I got them done, definitely worth the money and the experience and will continue to recommend to everyone! I’ve got to say it was one of the best experiences ever, seeing my little baby in 4d was surreal.

Dating Scan weeks, min Appointment; Reassurance Scan 13 – 34 weeks, 15 min Appointment; Book now to reserve your spot for 2D Scan in Leeds. Book Now. We look forward to see your Scan Appointment with Miracle Inside 3D/4D Baby Scan Centre. Book Now. Our Business hours are.

This simple blood test represents the future of screening for chromosomal abnormalities and we are one of the first to offer this service to the women of Sheffield. Cell-free DNA cfDNA results from the natural breakdown of fetal cells and clears from the maternal system within hours of giving birth. NIPT also offers optional testing for the Y chromosome material, which can provide information on fetal sex. During a pregnancy, cfDNA can be tested to give the most accurate screening approach in estimating the risk of a fetus having a common chromosome condition sometimes called a trisomy.

This occurs when there are three copies of a particular chromosome instead of the expected two. The test looks to detect the following trisomies:

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My scan was booked for 2. Now I am aware that you need a full bladder but having to wait nearly an hour to be able to go to the toilet made me feel really uncomfortable and I just had to go. When I finally went in for my scan the sonographer was extremely rude and had a go at me because my bladder wasn’t full enough. I tried to explain to her that I completely understand when they are running behind but I was getting extremely uncomfortable and was starting to worry that I might get a UTI if I held it in much longer, something I suffer with and this is one of the triggers.

She then made me go and sit outside and drink 3 bottles of water and told me that I was making them even later now. After I drank the water I went back in, she started the scan and for a good 5 minutes she didn’t say anything which due to previous bad experiences I know this isn’t always a good sign!

this is my: baby provides medically supported private pregnancy ultrasound scans and consultations from 6 – 42 weeks including early reassurance scans, pregnancy dating scans, reassurance viability scans, gender scans, anomaly scans, well-being scans, fetal echo cardiogram scans for congenital heart defects (CHD) and 4D baby scans from our.

For those who would like to find out the gender of their baby before 16 weeks, there are two new tests available, provided that screening is required too. The Panorama blood test provides the gender of your baby after 9 weeks of pregnancy and after 10 weeks with the Harmony blood test. Gender is the by product of these two tests. For those couples who can not wait, sexing of the baby is there for you here at the Brayford Studio Lincolnshire.

This scan is usually performed after 16 weeks of pregnancy. This Gender scan or early sexing scan to find out whether it is a girl or boy will give you plenty of time to decide about your favorite name for your baby and also colour of your wall paper in the nursery room. Gender scan is performed from 16 completed weeks of pregnancy.

From 16th week and up to 19 weeks and 6 days we perform a 2D Gender scan. Two 2D images are provided with all baby scans. Please bring your maternity notes with you. The size of head, abdomen and femur length of both twins is noted. We also listen the fetal heart of both baby.

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However, some major problems can be seen at your dating scan, such as issues with the umbilical cord or with your baby’s skull or abdominal wall. You may need .

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email A seriously ill premature baby has defied the odds after nurses had told his parents he was ‘growing his angel wings for heaven’. Otis Bowie Earls was born three and a half months early and was so poorly that he was not expected to survive. But with support of neonatal staff at the University Hospital of Wales, he made incredible progress and could now be discharged home in the New Year.

Mum Adrienne Earls, from Canton, Cardiff, was due to give birth on Thursday, December 7, but ended up welcoming tiny Otis into the world on August 31 weighing just 1lb 4oz. She said she started experiencing mild pains and decided to go to UHW for a precautionary check-up along with husband, Ray Earls. But while she was there the pains intensified and were arriving more frequently, reports Wales Online.

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