One Direction fans threaten Niall Horan’s ‘new girlfriend’ Melissa Whitelaw

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Share this article Share While there doesn’t seem to be any sign of Melissa on Joshua’s Instagram page, she does appear arm in arm with the personal trainer on his Facebook page. Fans began speculating Niall and Melissa were an item, by taking to social media last week with the hashtag NiallandMelissa. While there are no signs of Melissa on Joshua’s Instagram account, Melissa shared this image of the pair kissing which has since been deleted Deep: Joshua shared this Jerico Silvers quote along with his Instagram comments A newly unearthed video appears to show the One Direction heart throb cuddling up to Melissa as early as November last year.

lets get one thing straight Melissa Anne Whitelaw is using Niall to become a model/singer she even signed a contract with an Australian management company called ampr group the proof is on her Instagram ampr group follows her on Instagram and she follows them back it’s obvious that all she wants from Niall is media attention and to become a model/singer.

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Niall Horan ‘Splits From Melissa Whitelaw’ & Already Has His Eye On Someone Else!

Seeing Niall and Melissa holding hands today made my heart sink. I never thought I would feel this way. On Monday night, the two were spotted at the Bowery Ballroom taking in the Father John Misty show, which, on its own, sounds a lot like a date to us. But then they were reportedly spotted again grabbing breakfast on Tuesday morning, making us wonder if their concert turned into an overnight affair. She was with trueblood hottie alexanderskarsgard,” an excited onlooker posted alongside a pic of Alexa with toast in-hand.

Though Alexander isn’t in the actual photo, Alexa is holding two separate plates—evidence that she wasn’t alone.

One Direction, or 1D, fans could not accept that band member Niall Horan might be dating a new Australian girl. Mellisa Whitelaw was hounded with online death threats to the point of her begging them to stop, but she also admitted on her Instagram account that she is dating Niall.

Each member of the band has become a millionaire during just several years of their career and Niall is not exclusion. They get money from copies of the albums. The band has already released five studio albums. They also get money from international tours as millions of fans all over the world get tickets to see and hear live Niall Horan and his colleagues.

They also get income from the reviews of the music videos at YouTube. Niall Horan and other fellows of the band get money from endorsement deals too. Thus the boys, who are in their early twenties, have become the faces of safe sex in USA, as they have signed the deal with the condom company. They also endorse Pepsi, Colgate and Nabisco companies and sell their own perfume.

It is rumored that Zayn Malik has left the band, but those, who remained, had become money making machines! He is rumored to date an actress Demi Lovato and an actress Freya Mavor. But both girls deny, they had love affair with 1D star. Then 22 year old Niall started dating Melissa Whitelaw, a model from Australia. Niall Horan and girlfriend were caught by paparazzi.

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Short Description of Niall Horan: Niall Horan is three combos (singer, songwriter, and guitarist) star strongly known as the only Irish-born part of the boy band One Direction.

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Niall Horan and Melissa Anne Whitelaw dating since November?

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Staff writer Mon 8 Jun 1: The two sparked dating rumors after they were photographed spending time together on more than one occasion this week. According to the Daily Mail, the two went on a shopping trip to luxury department store Harrods. The “Problem” singer and the boy band member reportedly arrived and left separately, and Horan was joined in his 4 x 4 vehicle by director and photographer Alfredo Flores and other friends.

After shopping, the two went their separate ways as Horan headed to dinner at Nobu with his friends before reuniting with Grande at the Langham Hotel. Earlier in the day, the pop star was seen leaving Horan’s home at 3 a. According to Daily Mail’s sources, Grande arrived at the year old’s home at 10 p. But despite the rumors, Grande’s rep told the website that the singer is friends with the One Direction member and that “he had a big party that she attended.

Online reports that the party was for celebrity beauty expert Chantel Gonsalves and that after the bash, the group continued to have fun at London’s Crique Le Soir nightclub. Grande posted a video on Instagram of her and Horan along with their friends singing after inhaling helium out of balloons. Horan gushed about the singer’s “incredible voice” on Instagram, wherein he captioned a short video of Grande singing, “This girl blew me away! She has the most incredible voice I heard!

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Niall Horan’s ex-girlfriend opens up about her ‘battle with body image’ News by Bartley Published on 29 May, Updated on 29 May, Niall Horan’s ex-girlfriend Melissa Whitelaw recently spoke about her body image battle. She opened up about her struggles with her body image. She recently cited, “Exercise helps me cope with my stress and anxiety’.

Niall Horan, who has been single for the majority of his time, has been dating Melissa Whitelaw.

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One Direction’s Niall Horan ends relationship with Aussie student Melissa Whitelaw

Previously, the year-old was also connected to Justin Bieber and Joe Jonas the before that! And if you follow Jessica on social media, it seems as though she spends most of her time these days with Matt Cutshall and Fernando Contreras of Vine fame. In a new interview with DailyMail , the model’s ex-husband Ididia Serfaty has come out of the wood works to claim that Jessica “abandoned” their seven-year-old son Roman in order to pursue her Hollywood dreams.

Ididia claims that Jessica only makes time to see her son during the summer and some Christmases.

Niall Horan is not dating Melissa Anne. One Direction fans were up in arms when it was reported that the hunky singer was spotted kissing a pretty mystery brunette in a bar in Melbourne, Australia.

Share this article Share ‘I swear if you something bad to niall we will kill you. I am not even kidding. Thank You,’ wroteone user. You aren’t nialls gf. Niall is way better than you and don’t deserve you. He can do better. You just like broke up with you rex bf and niall knows that and wouldn’t kiss you. While some fans have welcomed the reported union, others have not been so supportive On Twitter, one user wrote: Melissa, 21, responded to the hate with a message of her own: New social media snaps of the pair interacting over the weekend have surfaced after a girl looking very much like Melissa was spotted leaving a flight – right behind Niall in Sydney earlier this month So it’s true?

One Instagram account edgeofmydesire, claiming to be Melissa, appears to confirm Niall and Melissa are a couple, with a fan sharing a screen shot on Twitter ‘For all you asking yeah Niall and I dating. Niall has not posted about it because we have decided we will wait until it’s the right time.

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Very large text size Love can make you do crazy things as One Direction fans have demonstrated this week. Their message to Australian Melissa Whitelaw after she was spotted with 1D band member Niall Horan was loud and clear: They were seen in a casino, they kissed. And he held her by the waist and playing with her hair [sic]. Niall has not posted about it because we have decided we will wait until it’s the right time. And I am very happy.

More about the relationship. Melissa Whitelaw and Niall Horan dated for a few months in early They were really close and had fun whenever they went out together. But in reality, they always knew it was going to be tough, keeping a relationship going with such distance between them and .

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