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It cannot issue any other commands, so users should be aware of the possibility for mount collisions and similar situations. To abort a slew, you can start another one to an object in a safe position. As of the current version, this plug-in doesn’t allow satellite tracking, and is not very suitable for Moon or planetary observations. Never point your telescope at the Sun without a proper solar filter installed. Even if you don’t do it deliberately, a slew during daylight hours may cause your telescope to point at the sun on its way to the given destination, so it is strongly recommended to avoid using the telescope control feature before sunset without appropriate protection. Using the Telescope Control plug-in There are two general ways to control a device with this plug-in, depending on the situation: On Windows, a USB connection may require a “virtual serial port” software, if it is not supplied with the cable or the telescope.

IBM to Help Research and Develop ‘Exascale’ Supercomputing Telescope

Stellarium acts as a “client” to a small stand-alone program a “telescope server” that drives the telescope. This method requires editing Stellarium’s configuration file and running console applications, so it is not very user-friendly. This is the only option for now to command a telescope using the Remote Telescope System v. The old built-in client module is not loaded if the Telescope Control plug-in is loaded. No stand-alone server is necessary, but one can be used for connecting over a network.

Both options allow Stellarium to connect to third party applications see below that use Stellarium’s telescope control protocol.

Computer Hook-up to Meade LX50 Amateur astronomy equipment, techniques, info, etc. Computer Hook-up to Meade LX Author Message; Dave Gordo The LX50 isn’t a “computer controlled” telescope like the LX, so to “talk to” it from a PC, you need to add a computer .

TeamViewer is a powerful program that will let you take remote control of a PC over the internet Shares Here’s a familiar yet nightmarish scenario: What should you do? Resign, plead for mercy or just run? Well the answer – if you’ve got a piece of software called TeamViewer installed on your PC – is relax. TeamViewer is a clever and very powerful program that will let you take remote control of a PC over the internet.

This makes it ideal for retrieving forgotten files, and it’s also a great way of helping friends and family with their computer problems without leaving the comfort of your desk. If you’re a home user you can download and install the software for free. For business use, see the licensing options. As you read on we’ll discover how to rescue that forgotten file and also how to take remote control of your desktop PC.

€2m radio telescope switched on in Offaly

The telescopes that do the first part are called GoTo scopes. They have motor drives with a computer handbox. This lists thousands of objects in groups, or they can show tours of the sky.

Sep 25,  · Connect webcam to laptop and run Sharpcap to view the image. Webcam will cost depending on make model plus you will need to buy the matching nosepiece and if you remove the IR Filter from the camera then you will need to buy a IR/UV Cut filter.

A Astronomically, you can see the Moon, the Sun if correctly filtered, all of the planets except perhaps Pluto, some surface details on Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, multiple stars, globular and open clusters, bright nebulae, galaxies and nearby galaxy clusters. Terrestrially, there are wildlife, sports, etc. A Not for visual purposes, as the eye cannot process the real image made by the objective.

The telescope may be used without an eyepiece for camera and other instruments. A The sky is mapped out in a spherical coordinate system similar to the system of Latitude and Longitude on the surface of the Earth. On the imaginary celestial sphere, the coordinates are Declination, which is equivalent to Latitude and measured in degrees, and Right Ascension, which is equivalent to Longitude, but measured in hours. The celestial equator is a projection of the Earth’s equator onto the celestial sphere.

Because the positions of stars and other distant celestial objects, as plotted on this celestial sphere, change very slowly with time, their listed coordinates and star charts are only updated every fifty years. On the other hand, planets change position so rapidly that their coordinates must be obtained from current astronomy periodicals. The setting circles on your equatorial mount can be aligned with the celestial sphere to aid in finding astronomical objects. How do I use it?

A A polarscope is a specialized finderscope which is used to align an equatorial mount with the celestial pole. It is usually mounted in a tube which runs along the RA axis.

Planetary Society-funded telescopes help find ring around Haumea, a distant dwarf planet

Having a research grade facility available to graduate and undergraduate students, alike, enables students to connect directly with science. As part of acquisition, the consortium chose to upgrade the control system, install new motors and encoders in all axes, for a state of the art observing facility. The name of the telescope the 0. HDI is a single chip, multi-amplifier imager with a field of view of 29 arcmin – over double the sky coverage of the old imager.

May 09,  · So I’m looking for a telescope, perhaps even one that like her microscope that can easily be connected to a laptop for viewing if there aren’t serious shortcomings to that. I would like it to have a fairly clear view of at least some details for Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn and at .

Optical instruments for nature and astronomy – Online user guide and discussion forum. T-ring is also known as T2 mount, and T-adapter is sometimes known as T-mount. This system is a worldwide standard 42mm thread to connect cameras to other devices. A T-adapter with a 1. Other types of T-adapters with threads are specific to certain types of scopes. Specialized accessories like a radial guider or tele-extender have T-threads that take T-rings, so they act like specialized T-adapters.

For example, a T-adapter has been purposely designed to connect various SLR cameras to the Nipon x92 spotting scope. The threads on the T-adapter fits into all T-rings. Since each brand of camera has its own specific thread size or bayonet type, you need the proper T-ring. Thus Canon has its T-rings two of them ; Nikon has its own T-rings; Minolta has their own specific rings, and so on. To attach SLR cameras to your telescope, first, remove the visual accessories you are using — eyepiece, diagonal, visual back.

Then either screw on or insert the correct T-adapter for your scope and the type of photography you want to do.

The 10 Best Telescopes

How to Modify a Web Cam for Astrophotography The Challenges of Astrophotography Astrophotography is something a good portion of amateur astronomers try, as is illustrated by the Amateur Astronomer Survey results above. It appears that more amateur astronomers try photography than not. And the survey shows that the most often used camera type is the digital camera.

Avid amateur astronomers themselves, they’ve tested products in the field and can Daily Deals · #1 Online · Great Price · Save Big.

Original manual text written by Wm. This page is provided for customers who have purchased a No-Harm GoTo Dob telescope or major components thereof. Changes can usually be made in a few minutes if need be. For instance, the motor-cables are fitted with DB-9 connectors on each end. Both cable ends are female. In darkness it can be difficult to match their profiles to the male ends on the PCB for a proper connection.

It is therefore strongly advised that you identify or mark these connectors in a way that will make it easy to mate them in dim light.

Connecting Telescope to Computer

The communications cable also allows for communication and transfer of data between the Meade Autostar handset for database update and firmware control use Autostar firmware updates with caution! Why figure out the wiring rather just than buy the cable? Be sure to double check what cable your specific telescope model requires. Making and using this RS serial interface cable has been simple as well as extremely satisfying.

I have not tested this cable with other similarly aged models of Meade telescope, but I would cautiously assume other telescopes may also be compatible Meade D , etc. Especially if they have a similar looking Meade cable junction box arrangement.

Mount and Telescopes (For , , and ) It supports firmware upgrades and computer control. With ASCOM protocol, you can control your telescope with most ASCOM compatible software. This enables you to utilize the CPU, large screen, and disk space of your PC/laptop.

How I built a Raspberry Pi all in one Computer A quick and easy project that eliminates cable clutter This is an all in one desktop computer, based on the Raspberry Pi. The goal of this project was to produce a computer system, based on the Raspberry Pi, with an absolute minimum of cable clutter. I think I have succeeded. Note the single power cord exiting the frame to the left.

That is the only cable hanging off of this system. This project was inspired by two recent events in my life. First, my office at work got new carpet. Everything had to be moved out of the office, and then back in. I have four computers in my office. Even using a KVM switch so that I only have one monitor, mouse and keyboard to deal with, it was still a nightmare rat’s nest of tangled wiring that had to be dealt with.

Secondly, my UPS system on my home computer setup died and had to be replaced. Again, a lot of tangled wires needed to be dealt with I have even more computers at home than at work. After all that, I was fed up with wires. I wanted to see if I could build a computer that only needed one single power cord, and no other wires.

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)

Family home page The Observatory Louise and I became interested in amateur astonomy in , and by the spring of , we’d built an 8′ x 12′ roll-off roof observatory. In case you’re wondering about the high walls and gable ends, our viewing site is surrounded by trees, so the gables don’t interfere at all. We made-do with this site until. The observatory sits on concrete “deck blocks” which rest on the ground; there is no permanent foundation.

The steps to the door use pre-cut stringers and treads from Lowe’s.

the invention of computers helped move large telescopes to a new level of complica-tion. Amateur astronomy benefited from you to hook up your PC with an optional # Connector Cable Set and.

By Eric Adams 9 December Though the sensational images coming from the high-grade science gear in orbit and on Earth are tough to beat, using your own telescope remains one of the best ways to connect with the cosmos. Nothing quite beats seeing the cloud belts of Jupiter, or the dust lanes in the Andromeda galaxy, with your own eyes. Feeding that impulse is easier than ever. Amateur astronomy equipment is remarkable these days, thanks to inexpensive robotic telescopes and high-grade optics that deliver crystal-clear views.

There are also popular astronomy apps available for tablets and smartphones, allowing users to choose a target, tap the screen and watch the telescope zero in, all by itself. When choosing a robotic telescope, there are a few simple rules. First, aperture always wins. The wider the lens or mirror built into the instrument, the brighter and more detailed views will be — though of course larger telescopes cost more.

Though light pollution is rampant, having virtually erased the Milky Way for most of us, many popular celestial targets, including Earth’s moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and the Orion Nebula can be enjoyed in light-polluted skies. You may even be able to discern galaxies and dimmer nebula, with some work. Astronomy also makes a good excuse for a field trip out of town. Just pack up your scope and head for darker pastures.

First, however, you have to gear up.

Computerized Telescopes: A Beginners Guide

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