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Aluminum Purse In , A. Pratt of Newark, New Jersey invented the mesh-making machine. This essentially changed the face of the mesh purse industry, not only making the piece much more easy to manufacture, but also increasing its popularity. Through more efficient production techniques, mesh purses were assembled quickly and with a greater selection of materials and designs. The styles allowed the wearer to express her creativity in the most unexpected manner; purses often bore colorful patterns depicting wildlife, floral prints and geometrics on a vivid metallic backdrop. Details Small finishing touches completed each piece to perfection. Interiors were lined with smooth silk, and ornate frames, exquisite closing mechanisms and fringe added extra value. Even the type of mesh varied from purse to purse. Some, for example, were enameled to nearly baby fine texture, which lent a cloth-like appearance to the purse. Others were pearlized for greater sheen or lightly pleated to add more heft to their delicate statures.

Fashions of Handbags and Purses

They opened doors in August of that year and debuted with a collection of sterling silver jewelry and popular designs of the Late Victorian era, including stickpins, bracelets, earrings and bar pins. In , an office and errand boy by the name of Charles A. Whiting was hired for 9 cents an hour. Within a short ten-year span, he progressed through the ranks, serving as artisan, salesman foreman, and by was serving as the company representative for the New York office.

By Whiting was a partner in the business, and the company was making chain mesh bags from silver, gold and gun metal. In , a process for machine made mesh was developed and Whiting and Davis purchased the patent.

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How do I clean and care for a antique Whiting and Davis enameled mesh purse?

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A petite Whiting & Davis cross-body bag with a metal mesh shell and top Whiting & Davis Chain Tassel Pouch BK. by Whiting & Davis. $ stripes accent a metal-mesh Whiting & Davis bag, and a polished metal Whiting & Davis Metal Mesh Ruffles Evening Bag. by Whiting & Davis.

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Know about the characteristics of the Whiting and Davis bags. The Whiting and Davis bags are made with linked metals in a mesh pattern. From a distance, the intricate patterns of the Whiting and Davis bags appear as those composed of fabric, yet when examined closely, you can see that the bag is made out of metal links.

Click on the images to display larger detail photos 1 Inventory Adorna-Sterling vermeil earrings Dainty Adorna sterling vermeil screw post earrings have handcarved mirror image rectangular shell cameos, prong set into open backed metal frames. They are suspended from bow shaped fittings that carry the incised mark “Adorna Sterling. Available 2 Inventory Alva-Brass medallion Brass medallion sports a profile bust of a Renaissance man. Marked “Copyright Alva Museum Replicas.

Available 3 Inventory ART-Bird in flight Bird in flight with entremblant front wing! Marked ‘ART’ with copyright symbol. Available 4 Inventory A The company was founded in in Providence RI. The ridges of the scalloped shell form catch the light beautifully. The pin and earrings are marked “Beau Sterling” in incised letters. There is no copyright mark on these pieces, pointing to a pre date.

20’s Whiting & Davis Purse Bag Floral Dresden Mesh Purse

I love a good mystery so I will keep trying to find out what I can and post it here. It is thought that this costume jewelry was made during the s and the s. The pin below is an good example of some of the pieces I have seen. Christmas tree pins, gold tone metal, and wire work. Their jewelry is easy to find on the market. There is limited information about this company.

Whiting & Davis, the world’s leading mesh handbag manufacturer, offers beautiful high quality purses, evening clutches, shoulder bags and crossbody bags.

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More than 70 years later, it has evolved into a luxury brand recognized worldwide for its artis leatherware, signature fabrics and custom hardware. At the bottom of the page is a list of style numbers and names of most of the bags that have such a thing, of course style numbers were not assigned until. The top floor houses the bags dating from the 16th19th centuries and. This bag with the leather stamp inside but no creed is actually the same style of bag as the black bag above from New York City.

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Black silk covered in black microbeads with stripes of purple microbeads and then a stunning golden rose cluster with teal and green leaves, also all done in microbeads. There is a short wrist strap also covered in both the black and purple beads and embellished with beaded tassels on either side. There is no label but there is a mark on the lining inside down at the bottom that looks like it may have been a mark or stamp or something, but I can’t read it, its too blurry and too far down inside.

And check out those darling arrowhead shaped beads along the bottom! Features include a red frame with stitched black leather seating and chrome fenders.

Whiting & Davis most certainly has a reputation for creating beautiful, quality metal mesh there’s more to this company than a pretty purse. Rosann Ettinger notes in her book Handbags (Schiffer Publishers) that Whiting & Davis made cigarette cases and lighters, cosmetic clutches, key rings, wallets, and picture frames in addition to handbags.

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Shopping over the holidays I felt the need to explore my vintage hide-outs to locate the perfect vintage clutch. Taking pride in workmanship and truly guarantee your craft is something more companies need to think about these days. Who today would ensure their bags and actually guaranteed their bags. I know my Tiffany bag is personally protected against any defects in materials but what about my Marc Jacob bag?

Charles Whiting made the first mesh bag for the new Whiting & Davis Company in The bags that followed over the next two decades were made completely by hand. In fact, many were made by local women in “sewing circle” fashion who worked linking about 1, rings a day.

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. Care must be taken when cleaning your mesh purse so that you do not wear or chip the enamel paint off or unlink the mesh tiles. Wiping gently with a fairly damp clean cloth should remove most dust and dirt. Washing your mesh purse in water is not usually recommended, however, I personally have done it at my own discretion.

If you clean your mesh purse in water or get it too wet, towel dry the exterior and then blow dry the interior with warm air until it is “completely dry”. You will want to make sure that all the moisture is gone and not trapped inside the mesh tiles. On mesh purses that do not have painted decorations, I have used silver or brass cleaner to bring out the sheen of the purse. Again, the problem of unlinking the tiles can occur so you have to work in small areas and use very little pressure, keeping the tiles spread out so they do not wiggle around much, it takes a little practice, time and patience.

Details Whiting and Davis Heidi Wood Framed Mesh Clutch (Yellow) Top List

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